Outboard & Sterndrive Repairs in Port St-Lucie

Based in Port St. Lucie, Bayshore Marine Services Inc. is the expert in outboard and sterndrive repairs!

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Outboard Repairs Done by Experts

Imagine waiting for spring with much anticipation because you want to get on your boat and take off into the sunset, only to find out that the outboard is not operating correctly. Fear not! The team at Bayshore Marine Services Inc. will do everything possible so your summer vacation does not go to waste.


From engine diagnostic to water pump impeller repair and everything in between, our team will take great care in getting your motor up to speed. Get in touch with our team for more information!

We take great care in getting your motor up to speed

Outboard & Sterndrive Repairs Stuart
Outboard & Sterndrive Repairs Stuart

Trust Our Team for Your Sterndrive Repairs

Although sterndrives have cleaner transoms and is ideal for fishing and rescue operations, it is also more exposed than an outboard system, leaving rubber bellows and oil lines vulnerable to damage. Using modern techniques and top-of-the-line technology, Bayshore Marine Services Inc. can protect your investment from corrosion.

From sterndrive repairs to general marine maintenance, our highly trained technicians can handle anything! Call today to schedule an appointment.

We combine modern techniques with top-of-the-line technology

We Offer:

  • Steering maintenance and service
  • Plumbing maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical repairs

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